SWANCOAT is at it again!

SWANCOAT is at it again!

Solo Exhibition Nearly Sells Out.

Steven SWANCOAT, 27-year-old, 1st year resident in Ob/GYN is taking Manhattan, the Lower and Upper Westside by the storm. SWANCOAT is at it again! Artistic works inspired by artists such as, Marcel Duchamp, Vincent Van Gogh, Roy Lichtenstein and Mr. Brainwash. On Friday, March 1, 2013, SWANCOAT hosted “SWANCOAT, Steven Swancoat Solo Exhibition”, his 2nd solo art show out of four shows in the past twelve months. Solo exhibition nearly sells out. He has contributed his works to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Research and so far, Steven SWANCOAT raised and donated $4600 for, which he humbly refuses credit.  “There is no way I can take credit, for there have been many people generously contributing at shows directly supporting ovarian cancer.” His solo art show raised $375 to Ovarian Cancer Research, by contributing $25 from each sale and donating it towards the cause, 15 of the 18 paintings displayed sold by the end of the night.

Last year, was a busy year for SWANCOAT, he had his first solo exhibition on Saturday, February 11, 2012 at Nancy’s Wine for Foods in the Upper Westside. The show “Collaboration” included 26 pieces of acrylic and mixed media on canvas. He explains, “the show doubled as a wine-tasting and a fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer”. After having a successful solo show his goal was to have another art show where he invites other artists to join the exhibition. On Sunday, June 24, 2012, “Art for the Cure: New York/ New School” was born, a seven-person group art show and a fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer. The show featured live music; two galleries and over 100 pieces of art were hung. The McBrehon SoHo Art Show, featured Steven SWANCOATs paintings, along with three other artists. This event took place on Tuesday, December 4th, 2012. basquait steven swancoat

Within the past 14 months to date, SWANCOAT has painted over 100 paintings (the total number, may be closer to 145). SWANCOAT started painting back in February 2011, but he started painting in earnest for his first solo exhibition in early 2012. To learn more about Steven SWANCOAT, please visit http://www.artbreak.com/Swancoat.

cowgirl steven swancoat


Here are some questions about Steven SWANCOAT, to help you understand the artist, the person, the philanthropist and the gynecologist.

1.     What keeps you motivated to continue your work as an artist? SWANCOAT: What keeps me motivated to keep painting is the reactions and support I get from people who truly enjoy my work. Nothing makes me happier than when someone loves a work of mine, and knowing that they will hang it where they can enjoy it. I am also motivated by such greats as Andy Warhol, Nikola Tesla, Howard Hughes that I get immense satisfaction in the work I do. I work hard to do as much as I can for art.

frankie curator swancoat  steven

Curator Frankie and SWANCOAT

2.     Do you have a muse? SWANCOAT: What’s a muse?

3.     How do you juggle becoming a well-established artist and a 1st year resident? SWANCOAT: It’s not as bad as people may think, just a lot of work. This month was the busiest month of my residency program. I was at the hospital seven days a week, 12 hours a day, covering the ICU, labor, and delivery. So each night I would come home around 8 to 9pm and paint until midnight get 4-5 hours of sleep and do it over again. It’s easy because I just have two things to focus on, Ob/GYN and art. But now that this show is over, I will take a break from art to study for my Step 3 board exams; after I pass them I will most likely do another show in the spring. To answer your question directly, it takes being disciplined and working hard. There is an excellent expression that I truly live by, “the one thing in life that everyone shares equally is time, there is only 24 hours in a day”, so it’s what you do with it that is the determining factor.

jim morrison steven swancoat

Jim Morrison

4.     What is/are the purpose to your paintings, besides your interest in eradicating ovarian cancer? SWANCOAT: I paint to create. My purpose to paint is because there are no rules when it comes to painting or being an artist, so why not? My purpose with painting is to make history in the art world. 

steven swancoat solo show

Steven Swancoat

5.     What do you hope to carry out with your artwork? SWANCOAT: My goal would be a retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art here in New York. First and foremost, I want to make paintings that people will fall in love with, be intrigued with, question, and truly enjoy. If I can just get this down, everything else will simply fall into place.

6.     What can we expect to see in your future projects? SWANCOAT: I defiantly plan to continue to do more shows, both group and solo shows along with more events that are fundraisers. I plan on starting the SWANCOAT Foundation, a non-profit charity that can use proceeds from art shows and events to raise money for local and global causes worldwide. Another ambition of mine is to send a painting to the 2014 Whitney Biennale. Many have told me it’s not possible but well see…

not edie swancoat steven solo art show

Not Edie

7.     Is there anything about your art work i.e. (the art, and/or the process) that you can relate to? SWANCOAT: Well, the best thing I can relate with from where I am now is creating my paintings and gynecological surgery in the operating room. Both are very mechanical processes that require extensive periods of concentration and manual dexterity. I even use the same instruments in both art and surgery, such as scalpels, pick-ups and hemostats. It’s funny, but my art has immensely helped my C-section incisions, nice and straight.

sunset girl, swancoat, steven , solo art show

Sunset Girl

8.     Is there a message that you hope to relay to the public (i.e. your audience and/or your fans) through your works? SWANCOAT: Although, each of my individual pieces has its own message or meaning, the message I would like my art to relay to the public is that, anything is possible as long as you work hard and truly believe. It’s funny, sad and true but I cannot draw or sketch too well, however that has not stopped me from pursing a dream of being an artist. Not only that but to follow your dreams no matter how many people tell you it’s not possible or too hard to do.

say what and the retro girl steven swancoat

Say What and the Retro Girl

REVIEW I am a proud collector of four SWANCOAT paintings. I cannot get enough of his work; I’m a huge fan. He is a special soul. It has been some time before we can say we have met some one quite like him. He is one of a kind for his generation. Dedicated to his career in the operating room as a gynecologist and creatively growing as an incredible artist, leaving inspiration wherever he is. Anyone who shares this humbling underground experience with SWANCOAT will be honored to watch him, as he rises into an esteemed icon himself. For more information on SWANCOAT, please feel free to check out these links: Steven SWANCOATs Art break Forum Steven SWANCOAT: New York Artist The Art of Steven SWANCOAT Steven SWANCOAT: Art for Ovaries This article was originally published on March 6, 2013.

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  1. How about writing about real artists? Almost EVERY SINGLE painting featured is a copy of another artist’s work. There is a difference between borrowing and stealing. I’m extremely disappointed to see my Graffiti Frida and two other of my original pieces completely ripped off by this guy.

    • Hello Michael, I certainly can understand your frustration. I will try to do better in delivering content that features original works by original artists. Perhaps, if you send me a link to mail@thehudsonriverchronicles.com I will be happy to review your work and offer a section on my portfolio. Thank you for reaching out to us.

    • Hello Michael, I took down the Lady Frida piece as a Swancoat request, if there is anything else I can do please feel free to say so. Thank you for your feedback.

  2. This Swancoat man is a FRAUD by every step of the way….he has copied other peoples work and called it his own……I have several of the original pieces by the original artist….for shame on Steven Swancoat!!!

    • Hello Mark, I understand your frustration. I personally own four of Swancoat’s artistic pieces and they are great. If there is anything I can do to help you see this in a different light I welcome your feedback. Thank you.

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